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The definition of responsible gaming

8.5.2019 - Veera Kujansuu - iGaming

Responsible Gaming aims to reduce harms to gambling customers and the whole gambling community

The definition of responsible gaming


The Technology Media interviewed Cristian Campan about the meaning of responsible gaming.  Campan works as the Technical SEO Analyst at Highlight Media Group, and helps us to dig into the definition of the term.

What does the term “responsible gaming” stand for?

Responsible gaming, also known as “responsible gambling” is a well-known concept used in the gambling industry by both online & land based gambling operators, software providers, affiliate sites and other associated service providers, in order to reduce the harm to gambling customers and the gambling community.

Responsible gaming is something that we believe should be taken very seriously and usually big brands are great in making sure that these programs are implemented and working accordingly.

Based on a recent study performed by our independent editors, we have discovered that gambling affects over 100.000 Finns in one way or another and that they give way for smaller new established online casino brands to enter the Finnish market without being fully complaint to the responsible gaming etiquette.

Our data suggest that most of the correlations are coming from the fact that Finland is currently a state owned monopoly (Veikkaus), and the current regulations make it easier for smaller casino brands to enter the market and gain market share without truly offering responsible gaming.

If Finland decides to move from a state owned monopoly to a licence model, this will result in higher taxes revenues, as operators will be taxed for operational licences. At the same time, operators that cannot deliver what is required to uphold the licence requirements will disappear from the market. Thus moving to a licence deal model will advocate for more responsible gambling as well renowned brands can better take care of their customers and are faster to act on problem gamblers.

Here at our mission is to “offer a full casino experience”, we do this by offering our users over 1600+ free casino games frome most popular gaming providers plus detailed game guides, guides on different kinds of bonuses and independent casino reviews in order to empower our users before they deposit in one of the recommended casinos on our website.

What are the best practices that the companies at the iGaming industry should follow?

When it comes to responsible gaming, both online operators and software suppliers that provide online gambling platforms and services are requested to comply with the principles of responsible gaming.

Furthermore, software suppliers need to support online operators to comply with technical and legislative demands. According to leading technology developers, we have identified 7 types of responsible gambling areas directly connected to the iGaming industry:

  •        Protection of vulnerable gamblers
  •        Prevention of underage gambling
  •        Safety measures against criminal activities
  •        Information privacy
  •        Online payment protection
  •        A secure online environment
  •        Ethical and responsible marketing

We have also made an analysis about how socio-economic background of a person affects on gaming behaviour.

How can a customer recognize a trustworthy iGaming and online gaming company?

The internet is one the 21st century finest innovations, and with the continued development of web standards and increasing globalization makes it extremely easy to setup a new online business or an online casino in a country outside of Europe with “doggy” regulations.

So you might ask yourself, how can a regular person tell what is a trustworthy online gaming company?

Here is our recommendations when it comes to recognizing top brands:

  •        Reputation – a simple Google search “gaming company X + reputation/review” will give you enough information to make an objective decision.
  •        Licence & Registration – recommended licences:
    • Malta
    • Gibraltar
    • Alderney
    • Isle of Man
  •        Site Security – always look for the green https:// lock
  •        Promotions & Bonuses
  •        Terms & Conditions
  •        The actual games offering
  •        Banking & Pay-outs
  •        Reliability
    • eCOGRA – mark
    • Customer Service – no one wants to register on a website that doesn’t have customer service in their own language
    • Pay-out Ratio
    • Special Games – games like scratch cards, dream catcher or virtual horse betting

All of the above listed are part of our quality rates guidelines and we truly believe that transparency is key when it comes to choosing a trustworthy igaming company, as a brand makes sure that we follow these guidelines to the fullest.


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